Time Presentation

September 2014

Ana Khouri, Iconoclastic Approach

“Ms. Khouri has been making jewelry for more than a decade, but has found new prominence in recent years for her designs, which take an iconoclastic approach to how and where jewelry should climb its wearers.” – MATTHEW SCHNEIER, NEW YORK TIMES

The process of developing this presentation was, in many respects, an inward journey for me. During the course of its creation, I spent most of the time thinking about what it is that drives my work, deep down, and how I want women to feel when wearing my jewelry. 

In the past, I drew inspiration for my creations from a particular moment in my life. For this edition, however, I wanted to hone in on key tenets and traits that have come to define my jewelry. To do so I revisited my work of the last twelve years and reexamined it from the inside out. The fundamental idea that kept coming back to me was that I value simplicity above all else: Simplicity in composition, and in the motivation for wearing these pieces. 

My work has always been more a statement of personality and character than a reflection of status. And by personality, I refer not only to the woman wearing my designs, but also to myself. What I believe we both have in common is our character and our confidence. We don’t rely on jewelry to give us strength or to enhance how we feel about ourselves. She and I wear these pieces because they accentuate what is beautiful and strong within us both. That is what I hope draws women to my work.


Ana Khouri