Harmony Presentation at Musée des Arts Décoratifs

June 2019

Harmony Presentation 1.jpeg

Though we have a sense of what the natural world looks and feels like, we have little understanding of where it’s magic comes from. Creating art was once our way of participating in and understanding that magic. It was a way to bring us closer to nature; of striving to reconnect with it. If the mind and hands are our tools, then perhaps the act of making is a process by which the same mystical energy flows.

It may seem odd to say so, considering the scientific and technological abundance we find ourselves in, but the more those pursuits over run our lives, the more we lose a sense for the connection we have with the world. My own sense of this dissociation is at the root of my desire to reconnect with nature through my work.

An awareness of that has always been essential to my process, but it’s come to have a special relevance for me. From the beginning, my work has been a way to communicate a sense of harmony — of knowing my place in the world and being fully present with in it. It allowed me to see what had been right in front of me, something so fundamental to life but so often muted by man-made distractions — the interconnectedness of all that surrounds us. I hope, in the end, that this work stirs that same feeling of discovery in you. Not only about the process of creativity but about who we are, where we are going and just what we are willing to sacrifice to get there.


Ana Khouri