By Appointment Studio | New York City

New York
December 2018

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What I envisioned when creating and curating this space is a sensorial experience. A By-Appointment space where private clients can connect to my work and have a deeper understanding of my world.  

Offering the experience of the whole Ana Khouri world and my aesthetic. For me, it is as if I was inviting someone into my home as I have been collecting everything inside the space throughout my life. 

What has transpired is a vast amount of Brazilian vintage furniture from designers such as Tenreiro, Lina Bo Bardi and Zalzupin which could be found besides pieces from Wegner or Pouvre. Art pieces from Louise Bourgeois, Yves Klein and Roy Liechtenstein amongst works of lesser known artists that I am passionate about. Antique lighting fixtures, vintage Italian murano bowls and regional marquetry boxes are a few of the objects I’ve been collecting around the world. Of course, there are more personal touches including portraits of my family in addition to my Sculptures I created and some furniture I designed myself. 

This space tells a story, a personal and unique one. And the reason for that is that I believe that when you open your world and invite someone into such a personal space, you create a room for sharing, for experiences that allow both parties to learn and eventually connect. 


Ana Khouri