Essence Presentation

July 2018


With time I’ve come to appreciate that the only way to create something new is to make something that is extremely personal. You have to strip away the nonessential, distill what remains into its pure form, and channel only that energy essential to who you are in your work.

For me, that means an approach to jewelry that did not exist before. It’s a desire to make something that does not remind anyone of any other thing. I would like to create pieces that are not simply beautiful, but ones that move you. I want people to feel something visceral when they see them. I want to give them an experience.

Through shapes and volumes and connections that we haven’t encountered before, I would like to bring attention to the essence that went into creating them. I hope that everyone who sees them will leave with their own internal reflection, and, ultimately, a more intimate and personal connection with the pieces themselves.

Essence is fundamental because it is the absolute most personal thing one can imbue their craft with. Rather than look outward for inspiration, I strive to capture the boundless energy and defiant originality within. This work represents that vital pursuit. It’s my belief that by focusing inward I can translate that spirit into powerfully expressive pieces of jewelry. Each one you see here is an articulation of that simple idea; they are all one with the essence of my being.


Ana Khouri