Diamonds with a Story | Ana Khouri x Australian Diamonds

Ana Khouri X Australian Diamonds

Capsule Collection
January 2018

This capsule collection was launched as a part of the 'Diamonds With A Story' campaign featuring Australian Diamonds. A meticulous new combination of 18 different Diamond hues of golden, yellow, pink and white Australian diamonds that are natural, traceable and responsibly sourced were used for the signature Mirian Ring, Mia Earring, Izabel Earring and Mirian Bracelet.

In a remote corner of far western Australia lies the Argyle diamond mine, the world’s largest producer of natural colored diamonds. From the extremely rare pinks, reds and blues to the browns and golden hues of the diamonds featured in this program, Australian diamonds are among the most sought-after gems in the world. Carefully recovered with the utmost respect for the environment, Australian diamonds are painstakingly tracked from mine to market to ensure their authenticity. Consumers worldwide are drawn to their beauty, their distinctive natural color and the efforts made to mine them responsibly.

Diamonds with A Story celebrates the remarkable journey of Australian diamonds and the remarkable women who wear them.


Ana Khouri