Ana Khouri x Swarovski Special Commission | Andam 2018 Fashion Awards Trophy Design

Trophy Design Special Commission
June 2018

As a recipient of the 2017 ANDAM Accessories Prize, it was a honor and a great pleasure for Ana to collaborate with SWAROVSKI on the commission of the 2018 ANDAM FASHION AWARD Trophy.
“As I started my career adapting my sculptures into smaller scale objects that turned into jewelry, it felt cohesive that for this special collaboration, I worked the other way around. The starting point of this bespoke design was the belief that the trophy should reflect the visionary and artistic aspect of the Andam Fashion Award institution, matching the sleek minimalism and the glittering cut crystal. Even more so, the design aims to reflect the ethereal impact that the Andam Fashion Award creates for the recipient’s career".
This is the first time in ANDAM history that a previous year's winner has designed the trophy. 

Andam Trophy.jpg

Ana Khouri