"The leitmotif in my work is my passion for sculpture. Sculpture to me is not as much a visual pleasure as much it is a tactile experience. During my time studying this craft I remember closing my eyes to feel the silhouette of the works that I had created. This was the ultimate test for me. If my sculptures came to life with my eyes closed then I was content. The purity and simplicity of the lines was essential to this realization.

Similarly, with jewelry, I focus on what is essential. To me jewelry must align dreams and functionality without either quality compromising the other. Jewelry should be a natural compliment to a woman’s beauty and essence. The lines of my pieces seek to mold the jewelry to the body. Hopefully a woman wearing them will feel that they are a part of her."

Ana Khouri imprints her unmistakable signature style in sharp and challenging designs when creating jewelry. With her knowledge, she is able to leave behind conventional design while still remaining true to the traditions of an artisan jeweler. Authorial, her creations are known for their unpretentious and unique elegance, perfect anatomy and revolutionary symmetries.

Ana does not create collections. Her jewelry is considered haute couture. Her pieces are exclusive. When not a unique piece, all of her designs are numbered editions. Khouri's individual style and natural confidence led her process of creation to escape from commonplaces or preconceptions. "When I started, I never thought about showing the jewelry," she says. "I like to see how the work evolves. It’s not about a ring or an earring; it’s about molding the body form with the jewelry.”

Brazilian Ana Khouri graduated in Fine Arts at Faculdade Armando Alvares Penteado, Sao Paulo. While still in college working on her sculptures, she started designing her first jewelry pieces. "It involved connecting sculpture, which I was already working with, with the body," Khouri explains. After graduation Ana moved to New York and then London to study gemology and jewelry at GIA as well as St Martins London and Parsons. Ana lives in New York City